Marcelo R. Cárcamo Q.

Academic career

1995 – 1999: Psychologist graduated in Universidad Andrés Bello.

2000: Diploma Thesis: “Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Models: A Critic Review.”

2003 – 2004: Training in Focal Psychodynamic Therapy at Psychiatry Department in Universidad de Chile and Asociacion Psicoanalitica Chilena (APCh-IPA)

Clinical practice

2003 – 2004: Psychiatric service in Hospital del Salvador and Corporacion Psicoterapeutica Salvador, Santiago de Chile.

2001 – 2007: Private Practice under Psychoanalytic Supervision with: Horacio Maltrain, MD (APCh-IPA); Gloria Rios, MD (APCh-IPA); Constanza Buguna, MD (APCh-IPA)

Research experience

2007: Member of research group in Psychiatry Department and Mental Health of Medicine School – East side, Universidad de Chile.

Research interests

Psychodynamic Training

Primary Care in Public Health System training skills in Physicians working with Mental Health patients

Psychotherapeutic skills

Mindfulness Practice

Research project

Training Therapeutic Skills to Physicians in Primary Care Public Health System: Mindfulness Practice in Primary Care.


Carcamo, M. & Jimenez, JP. (under review – 2008) Some Thoughts for a Integrator Reference Framework in Psychiatry and Psychology. Revista Gaceta Universitaria.


PhD Research Psychotherapy Program
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